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Religious discrimination act

This is the best response I’ve heard to the religious discrimination act signed into law this week: Evidently the Governor is planning to try to ‘clarify’ it.  I’ve never seen so many angry Hoosiers in one place, physically and … Continue reading

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Indiana Moral Mondays nonviolent civil disobedience training

Today marked the beginning of another step forward in our social justice efforts.  This was our first nonviolent civil disobedience training class here in Indianapolis for Indiana Moral Mondays.  About 15 people showed up, most of whom were in leadership … Continue reading

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Poll on nonviolent civil disobedience

Please respond to the poll here: POLL: Nonviolent civil disobedience

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Peace Vigil

Christian joined Gilbert, Debbie and I at the weekly Peace Vigil in front of the Federal Building. One thing Christian enjoys is dancing and he gave new meaning to the word “activist”. He generated a lot more interaction than we … Continue reading

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Letter from Madison, Wisconsin officials concerning Tony Robinson

March 13, 2015 To the residents of our community: The death of Tony Robinson is a horrible tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tony Robinson’s family and friends. We are sorry that we have lost the life of … Continue reading

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Solar Power is a Moral Issue

This is the work of the Indiana Moral Mondays Environmental Justice group: Solar power is a moral issue posted by Frank Rosenthal March 10, 2015 In keeping with its values of social and economic justice and the use of resources … Continue reading

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Invitation to activism

Speaking up In following what I have been taught about not bothering those in a meeting who are busy with other things than activism, I am realizing that often results in other Friends and others not knowing what it is … Continue reading

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Life without a car savings

The following statistics are related to not using a car for the year 2014. This ONLY reflects the commute to and from Riley Hospital.  Many of you know I came to the decision to refuse to own a personal vehicle … Continue reading

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A pivotal moment

Dear Friends, Here in Indiana we are at a pivotal juncture in our work for peace and social justice. Many years of darkness are now seeing the awakening of interest and concern about social justice and political issues. The attempts … Continue reading

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FWCC Strategic Plan

FWCC Strategic Plan 2015-2020  These parts of the Quaker vision are very interesting and point to new ways of moving forward. • Focus on the vital work that needs to be done to build connections among Friends from different branches. … Continue reading

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