Downside of car-less

Although I tend to dwell on how few problems there are with not having a car when I try to talk people out of having one, there are times that are more challenging than others.  This map shows the 2 mile walk from my apartment to Riley Hospital for Children.  Most days I walk about 6 blocks to Methodist Hospital, where I board the People Mover (overhead train) to Riley.  Unfortunately, very cold and/or icy conditions usually result in the train being shut down, as was the case this morning.


The the temperature this morning was 10 F, with a wind chill of -5 F.  The temperature usually isn’t much of a problem, but today the wind was in my face at 14 mph.

Finally, locomotion is constrained because of pain related to my kneecap.  A knee brace helps considerably, and I’m doing exercises from a physical therapist.

So not having a car is not always a walk in the park.  🙂


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