Republicans and race

Two important articles clearly articulate, as if we really didn’t know,  the racial strategy the Republican Party has created.

As law professor Sheila Kennedy wrote in I’m Not a Racist!, Vote… it is actually racial attitudes that are behind Trump’s support, not so much his claims that he can fix the economy because he is a businessman.

She quotes a survey by Hamilton College political scientist Philip Klinkner:

“My analysis indicates that economic status and attitudes do little to explain support for Donald Trump,” he wrote for Vox last week. More to the point, “those who express more resentment toward African Americans, those who think the word ‘violent’ describes Muslims well, and those who believe President Obama is a Muslim have much more positive views of Trump compared with Clinton,” Klinkner found.

And New York Times journalist Andrew Rosenthal writes in Why Republicans Won’t Renounce Trump:

“Today’s Republicans have stymied every effort at reforming immigration, at achieving true equality for women, at ending the scourge of racist drug laws and criminal sentencing rules. The Republican Party has generated a wave of laws designed to make it harder for black Americans and other minorities to vote. It’s not that Republicans don’t want to deport millions of Mexicans and ban Muslims from our shores. They just don’t like to talk about it in the open.”




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