The Moral Integrity of Muhammad Ali

I hope you will watch this video of Rabbi Michael Lerner’s speech at Muhammad Ali’s memorial service in Louisville.  He clearly describes the moral integrity of the life of Muhammad Ali.

And he calls upon each of us to commit ourselves to the same moral integrity. 

“So I want to say how do we honor Muhammad Ali? And the answer is the way to Honor Muhammad Ali is to   BE   Muhammad Ali   TODAY.  That means us, everyone here and everyone listening. It’s up to us to continue that ability to speak truth to power. We must speak out, refuse to follow a path of conformity to the rules of the game in life.”

How do we do that?  He outlines a number of important things in the speech.

One thing in particular that struck me was:  “We will not tolerate politicians or anyone else putting down Muslims and blaming Muslims for a few people”.

Each of us needs to find our way to speak truth to power, especially in a time when governments and corporations have corrupted our political process and increasingly abuse power.  Speaking out is how we take that power back.


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