Rumours of War

It is unfortunate that moving to military production stimulates stagnant economies.  Both Russia and China are experiencing significant economic problems, and both are dramatically expanding their military equipment production and armed forces personnel.

Russian fighter jets have acted provocatively against U.S. ships.  China is increasingly belligerent regarding its expansive claims in the South China Sea.  The United States is very concerned about how China will react to the decision of the UN Arbitral Tribunal on the South China Sea, which is expected soon, and expected to be against China’s claims.

Anti American sentiment continues to grow, especially in the Middle East, after the unprovoked invasion of Iraq and war with Afghanistan, and continuing use of drones that kill thousands of innocent bystanders and terrorize the civilian population as they hover overhead.  It is estimated that over 3,300 civilians have been killed by drone strikes in Pakistan

Islamophobia further damages the United States’ reputation.

The vote yesterday for Britain to leave the European Union has at least temporarily negatively impacted financial markets, further increasing fears of political instability.

It is all the more important to speak out and work for peace.  We need to stop the drone strikes.  And we need to welcome and support everyone in the United States, and work against Islamophobia and racial injustice.





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