How the Democrats lost the election

More than any election in recent memory, this one is not about policy or even logic.  The corruption and dysfunction of our political system is reaching new depths.

The most anti-establishment candidate will win.  The Democrats would have won if Bernie Sanders had been the nominee, with his both anti-establishment and positive messages.  Democrats today are in the same place establishment Republicans were during the primary season.  They did not believe Trump could possibly win their party’s nomination.

There might have been a chance if Hillary Clinton had embraced what Bernie represented.  Instead she continues to play the role of the establishment candidate.  Her month of courting big donors probably sealed her defeat.

That she hasn’t even addressed things like the Dakota Access Pipeline shows that she is either tone deaf, or worse, might even support it.

I think we need to be trying to come to grips with a Trump presidency.


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  1. Randy Kisling says:

    too creepy

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