Faith and Fear

Fear seems to be a dominant theme in our politics and society today.

The new Republican administration is basing its policies on fear.

It is paradoxical and frustrating that the “doublespeak” justifying the usurpation of law and destruction of our values is not only false, but is having the opposite effect of making us much LESS secure.  Our government’s actions and betrayal of values related to tolerance and freedom feed into the narratives from extreme organizations intent on harming the United States.

Many societal factors have made us increasingly isolated from those we disagree with.  That is especially problematic, when the solution to fear and ignorance is to rebuild community, and counteract fears based upon ignorance and misunderstanding.

People of faith have the blessing of a spiritual, moral framework to guide our lives.  Authority in our lives comes from the Spirit, not politics.  I urge people of faith especially not to despair at this trying time, and to pay close attention to where the Spirit is leading you.  And help others share in this comfort and wisdom, when you can.

Uni Maka yuhonihapo

mni wiconi wakanyelo

dapl Lila sica telo

oyate blechi yapo

respect mother earth

water is sacred, water is life

dapl is very bad

people have courage

Another music video from Nahko ends with the lyrics, “Peace in America”



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