Standing Rock Eviction Notice 2/22/2017

Following is from Joshua Taflinger and No Dakota Access Indy.

Water Protectors at the main camp at Standing rock, Oceti Oyate, have been issued an eviction notice for today, 2/22 by noon MST. After which point, National Guard, Morton County & majority of other North Dakota county police/sheriff, DAPL security paid mercenaries, BIA, and other military and law enforcement agents will descend into the camp to arrest and remove any resistance.  Stay updated on Standing Rock today…. Eviction of camp/Mass arrests scheduled for 2pm (MST) – (3pm – Indianapolis Time)

Some people to follow who are posting updates and live streams:

There a few hundred people left in the camp who Stand on land that belongs to them legally through Treaty of Fort Laramie (1851). The land that the people will be arrested on today on the charges of trespassing, is land that the U.S. Government gave to the Native American people as reservation land.

There are 100’s of U.S. military veterans at a nearby camp who have vowed to march in and provide a human shield between police/military and the Water Protectors. Today could get intense. Almost every confrontation in this unfolding story has been one of police brutality to unarmed, peaceful, and prayerful people who are standing for clean water and a future for themselves, their children, and their grandchildren.

Cell coverage at the camps is being blocked and limited media has been allowed in. There is a black out on one of the most important stories of our times. Please cover this story to the best of your ability with whatever resources you have available.

This land, like many other areas, was illegally claimed/taken back by the U.S Government because of its’ resource and value.

Standing Rock also represents a people standing up for clean water and a system that RESPECTS the natural environment that WE ALL NEED in order to survive.

Projects like Dakota Access Pipeline destroy all that we need to survive. The pipes break, leak, contaminating the drinking water and land that will take decades if not longer to recover, killing all life.

Check out an incomplete list of pipeline spills in our country just the century:

Here are more of the wide ranging effects of projects like this:

Please Check out the following links for important updates and media recently from Standing Rock leaders:

The woman elders of Standing Rock call out for support and understanding of the illegal actions of the government, corporations, and law enforcement agencies:

Chase Ironeyes Updates on the legal/illegal proceedings and the upcoming arrest and police invasion expectations:

Outstanding Musical/Audio presentation from Standing Rock by Trevor Hall:

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