Our Constructive Program

The constructive program is the framework for building the new social order (integral nonviolence).

If we were to begin planning, what might be the constructive program of Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative)?  Here is a modification from “The Gandhian Iceberg”:

  • Honoring and cultivating the spiritual dimension
  • Honoring, protecting, and connecting with the natural world
  • Life long learning
  • Community-based alternative energy and energy independence, focusing on alternative, non-fossil fuel transportation
  • Gift economics, economic equality, de-jobbing, freedom from landlordism, universal access to basic human needs and services
  • Undoing oppressions and unlearning the root cause “isms” behind those oppressions
  • Developing restorative alternatives to unjust systems
  • Permaculture/healthy local food/food sovereignty
  • Waging peace domestically and internationally (which all of the above contribute to)

(NOTE:  At this point Iowa Yearly Meeting Conservative has NOT had formal discussions/decisions about adopting integral nonviolence or a constructive program.)


Besides WHAT our constructive program will be, there is the question of WHERE we would do this work?  The nature of this is that it is done locally, integrated into our daily lives.

But I’ve also been thinking for some time now that Scattergood Friends School and Farm would be an ideal place for us to further explore integral nonviolence, since the School already models many of these ideas.  Building an expanded Quaker community at Scattergood could help us address many areas of concern, such as climate change, and racial and economic justice issues.






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