When it comes to bicycling, RAGBRAI is not only the biggest event in Iowa, but the largest bike-touring event in the world.

The (Des Moines) Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) is a non-competitive bicycle ride across the state of Iowa, organized by the Des Moines Register newspaper. First held in 1973, this year’s RAGBRAI started yesterday in Orange City, Iowa.

Friday I was able to visit with David Mott when he was visiting his father, Don, here in Indianola.



Don and David Mott

David was a Senior at Scattergood Friends School when I was a freshman there.  His brother Dan was my classmate at Scattergood.  This year David, Dan and their brother Dennis are all going to be riding in RAGBRAI, as is Jon Tesdell, who was also at Scattergood with me.

I knew Don Mott had a long history related to bicycles and bicycle repair.  I was surprised when I asked him if he had ridden in RAGBRAI to learn that he rode in the very first one, and several others.



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